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County Housing Rehabilitation & Reconstruction
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For emergency actions immediately necessary to safeguard against imminent danger to human life, health or safety, or to protect property from further structural damage (such as when a property has been damaged by a natural disaster, fire, or structural collapse).

What Type of Repairs are Available?

  • New Roof
  • Painting
  • New Windows
  • Septic tank and drain field repair
  • New Flooring
  • Updated Heating
  • Updated Plumbing
  • Rewiring or other electrical work
  • Water and Sewer Connection
  • And much, much more...

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

To make your home more comfortable and safe, CAC has assistance available to qualified low income homeowners. The Knox County CAC program offers 5 and 10 year 0% interest loans with payments based upon household income.

How Do I Qualify for Home Repair?

  • You must be a resident of Knox County (living outside the Knoxville city limts).
  • Your property value must be below $150,000.
  • You must meet income eligibility requirements.

Water/Sewer Program

The water/sewer program provides assistance to eligible households to connect to the public water system, to install a sanitary sewer system or to construct or repair a septic tank and drain field. This assistance is available to those eligible residents who have access to existing service. with the Water/Sewer Program:

  • Loan is interest free with 20% forgiven annually over a five-year period
  • Full loan repayment is required only if assisted property owner no longer occupies assisted house or becomes delinquent on Knox County Taxes
  • Loans will be secured by a promissory note and deed of trust.

How to Apply

Contact CAC Housing & Energy Services to set up an appointment to fill out the application.

You can call 865-244-3080, (Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:45pm), or stop by (lower level of the LT Ross building).
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Information you will need to apply:

  • You will need social security numbers and dates of birth for everyone in the household.
  • Current income information for everyone in the home. This could be copies of paycheck stubs for 30 days prior to date of application or award letter from Social Security (showing the awarded amount for the current year).
  • Proof of home ownership (recent property tax receipt or a copy of your deed). If residing in a mobile home, a copy of the title will be required.
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